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Airport Parking Helpful Hints

By February 10, 2019No Comments

Airport parking does not have to create stress in your travel day. The following suggestions will give you a start on what your options are.

  1. Before leaving home, use the computer to go to the airports web site. Most web sites will have an area with their airport parking places mapped out so you can visualize and plan your route before you arrive. This tip is good for all airports, large or small but will be very helpful for the larger ones. A print-out of the airport parking layout can be brought with you if you think you may need a refresher.
  2. Using the online airport parking layout will help you decide in which area to park. Usually there are several areas which will be covered keeping their individual pros and cons in mind. Also, don’t leave valuables in your car. While the airport parking lots do have security, it is better to play it safe.
  3. If there is no hurry to catch the plane or you’re on a budget, the ride and park feature may be the best way to go. Most airports have free airport parking shuttles that pick you up at your area and drop you at your terminal. These areas are a considerable distance probably not suitable for walking. The shuttles are of course handicapped accessible.
  4. Using the covered garage will bring you closer to the terminal but you may have to search and wait for a spot and even then, some of these can be a long walk if you are on the higher levels.
  5. Each area that you park in will have a gate for you to pull up to and the time machine will dispence a ticket with your area name on it and the time and date. Keep this with you so you’ll be able to easily find your car on your return and because you give it to the airport parking attendant when you leave. They use it to figure how much you owe. They typically will accept most kinds of local currency.