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Why Choose Grand Travel & Cruise?

With great experience comes great service, as Jay Islam will readily tell you. Having founded Grand Travel and Cruise more than 25 years ago, Jay has collected a wealth of experience in the resort industry, which helps him create a business that’s more service oriented than ever before!

If you ask Jay just what makes Grand Travel the best travel agency in Houston, the first thing he’ll say is the agency’s commitment to go above and beyond for its clients. At Grand Travel, every single client is considered a high-profile customer. That’s why no effort is spared when it comes to ensuring each client receives the very best service possible! And of course, 25 years in the industry means that Jay has been able to accumulate his fair share of contacts so that the company has the resources in place to serve its beloved customers! Plus, let’s not forget the 50 years of cumulative experience shared by the travel agents at Grand Travel!

When it comes to customer service, Grand Travel is simply unbeatable. Our experienced vacation agents are able to organize trips both simple and complex and are able to anticipate exactly what a particular client’s needs and desires are. Grand Travel agents take it upon themselves to be proactive when developing your ideal trip – it’s important to us that you don’t miss out on anything on your trips! One of Jay Islam’s greatest priorities has been to build an excellent knowledge base among his agents. Every single vacation expert at Grand Travel has the knowledge and expertise to speak about the destinations authoritatively, and can, therefore, consult with clients in order to create their ideal trip.

Of course, there’s more to our agents than first hand, in-depth knowledge. Every single one of our agents has an excellent positive attitude – they’re ready to serve you with a smile, and to figure out EXACTLY what it is you need for your trip. Plus, they’re all willing to learn more and more on the job, improving themselves professionally. Their insatiable desire to learn and grow translates into better performance as they hone their abilities and expertise, and offer customers insider knowledge and service that other travel agencies simply cannot. Our travel agents utilize educational opportunities at every turn, and it shows in their customer service!

The reason they’re so hungry to improve themselves? They’re passionate. Our travel agents tend to get as excited as the client as they create a holiday experience that’s sure to leave you with great memories for the rest of your life. They take genuine pleasure in your sense of fun and happiness. That’s why they’re so set on communicating well with you – asking you the right questions, listening to everything you say, and guiding your expectations accordingly. They have a natural desire to give you an unbelievable experience. They also have the ability to totally understand their customers, so they can offer you exactly what you need.

That’s part of what makes Grand Travel the best travel agency in Houston. As we customize the customer’s journey, we take care to take into account their needs, to listen to them, and to let them know what they should expect. Every trip with Grand Travel becomes a once in a lifetime experience because we make sure you don’t have to worry about anything on your vacation apart from enjoying yourself. It’s the personal mission of every agent at Grand Travel to give the client exactly what they want.

And of course, if the client feels that anything is not up to par, all they have to do is mention it to their agent. Grand Travel vacation experts will use every available resource to turn the situation around and give you exactly what you want!

What’s more, a good proportion of these agents are former clients of Grand Travel. This means they have had personal experience with Grand Travel’s services in the past and appreciated the service enough to return the favor for other clients! These travel agents are creative and passionate as they interact with clients, and are able to communicate extremely well with you. Their practical knowledge of traveling makes all the difference. Our agents have the capacity to tell you what a dress should cost you in your destination, and how long it will take you to get to your hotel rooms. We pay attention to the little details like that.

No wonder then that every trip with Grand Travel and Cruise is so unforgettable.

Whether you go on a trip to Mexico or the Caribbean with Grand Travel, you are ensured an incredible journey filled with plenty of sights and activities, and of course, ample time to relax and enjoy yourself.  Our travel agents will work around the clock to make sure this is the case!